An agricultural support bracket may be pivotally coupled to a row unit with a body operably coupled to the bracket and a chassis. The bracket may include a top wall and sidewalls that are substantially perpendicular to 1 another. A chassis is coupled to the bracket underneath the top wall and sidewalls. At least 2 wheels may be rotatably coupled to the chassis. Agricultural support brackets may also be pivotally coupled to a row unit with wheels. Agricultural support The monetary value of agricultural support is defined as the total amount of gross transfers to the agriculture sector, expressed as a percent of GDP. This figure includes both producer and consumer support. Agricultural producers receive a percentage of the total amount of support as an annual payment. The total amount of support is a combined figure of producer and consumer support, plus general services support. Amounts of support financed in this way are not necessarily indicative of the value of agricultural production. Agricultural support under dictatorship The Agricultural Support Bracket under Dictatorships and Democracies is the most important comparison when examining the effectiveness of different policies for food and farming. In both circumstances, the levels of agricultural support are lower under a dictatorship and higher under a democracy. Both regimes’ policies are designed to preserve power and prevent uprisings by the populace. But in some cases, agricultural policies are not optimal. The OECD uses a standardised methodology to produce these indicators, which allow for comparisons between countries and over time. The methodology is continuously revised, and the OECD is 1 of the founding members of the International Organisations Consortium for Measuring the Policy Environment for Agriculture. The Consortium aims to develop a harmonised, consolidated database of agriculture support policies. The OECD’s agricultural support indicators are derived from these data, which are used to compare agricultural support policies across countries. Agricultural support under democracy The first step towards achieving sustainable food production in developing countries is addressing the root causes of poverty. The agrarian crisis of the late 1970s led to a global food crisis, and in response, agribusiness corporations and development agencies in the Global North have stepped in to provide infrastructure and technologies for smallholder farmers. These organizations, however, have been criticized for attempting to impose an industrial farming model on postcolonial rural populations, and over 500 organisations have signed a letter calling for the end of the UN/WEF agreement. Despite the letter, the UN Secretary-General failed to respond to the concerns of civil society groups regarding corporate influence on food systems. Crop dividers The present invention provides a new arrangement for mounting members of this type on a wheel assembly of an agricultural vehicle. The crop divider described herein is 1 such example. The bracket is preferably formed of sheet steel and preferably includes hinge bolts 50 that permit the snout to pivot upwardly. In 1 embodiment, the snout is supported on arms 38 and 42 of the bracket. The arms of the bracket can be adapted to support the divider. To adjust the divider pans, the forward arrows 78 can be loosened. In addition, the side sections 62 and 64 can be pivoted to adjust the forward width of the divider pan 20. This process allows the slots to be selectively adjusted along the longitudinal axes 30 of the pan body. As a result, crop dividers can be adjusted for the width of their slots.

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