Conveyor pulleys are mechanical devices used to change the direction of a belt in a conveyor belt system along with tensioning and driving the belt. A conveyor system will always consist of a head pulley and a tail pulley.

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All Pulleys Are Comprised Of These Components Which Include:

End discs

Locking element

Bearing assembly



Live Shaft Pulley

Live shaft pulleys are where the shaft is fixed to either end of the pulley and allows the shaft and the body of the pulley to rotate simultaneously.

Dead Shaft Pulley

The bearings on a dead shaft pulley are installed within the pulley, fixing the position of the shaft. This means only the body of the pulley rotates around the shaft, hence why we call it a “dead” shaft pulley.

Gearless Drive Pulley

With a Gearless Drive pulley, a low-speed synchronous motor is installed directly to the shaft of the drive pulley. As large mine conveyors increase in size, the installed capacity also increases.

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Every conveyor system uses pulleys as part of the machinery to move and function. But, just like there are many different types of conveyor systems, there are also different types of conveyor pulleys. Below we explore 4 different types of conveyor pulleys and how they differ from each other.

Drum Pulleys

Drum pulleys typically do not have grooves and provide continuous belt contact and are available in a variety of diameters. Many drum pulleys are grooved to reduce slippage and improve traction. Some drum pulleys are also tapered.

Motorized Pulleys

Internally motorized conveyor pulleys save space and improve the efficiency of conveyor operation. By using motorized pulleys you keep your conveyor system as compact and durable as possible. Motorized pulleys are also far safer than traditional hydraulic conveyor systems.

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Wing Pulleys

Wing pulleys are very popular because they are self-cleaning. The wings help naturally move material buildup to the side of the conveyor. Because of the self-cleaning nature of wing pulleys traction is improved which means they operate very efficiently. There are a variety of wing pulleys including heavy-duty wing pulleys, spiral wing pulleys, herringbone wing pulleys, and more.

Lagged Pulleys

Conveyor pulley lagging is an important part of any conveyor system where improved friction grip is needed. This can be needed due to things like dampness or poor drive ratios . The conveyor pulleys are ‘lagged’ with rubber to reduce slipping and wear. There are different lagging patterns depending on specific needs.

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